If you are looking to book a Costa Rica fishing charter there are only a handful of major launch points on the Pacific coast, and the Los Sueños Resort and Marina is hands down the #1 choice for both leisure sports fishing and for professional anglers. The Los Sueños Marina is the country’s first government sanctioned marina and is also Costa Rica’s premier luxury residential and vacation resort. Fishing Los Suenos Costa Rica was already a item on most professional anglers bucket lists shortly but after the 2014 Los Sueños Signature Triple Crown became a world record setter with an incredible 5,078 billfish released in just nine days. Then crushing that record in the 2016 tournament which saw 6,570 billfish released over nine days put Los Suenos on every anglers map.

Fishing Los Suenos Costa Rica with DRSportFishing Costa Rica“If you are familiar with Costa Rica, when you think sportfishing the first place that comes to mind is Los Suenos”

Dan Ross

Los Suenos Marriott Ocean & Golf Resort is the top premier destination in Costa Rica for sportfishing enthusiasts, golfers and families looking for the highest quality American-style services. Los Suenos is a sprawling, Spanish colonial style residential resort sitting on the Central Pacific bordered by the ocean on one side and the rainforest on the other.


Los Suenos Marriott has created the ultimate residential resort life style for full time and part time residents as well as a travel destination for vacationers looking for a perfect fun-in-the-sun environment complete with a fantasy pool system of canals, bridges, islands, swim-up bars, and surrounded by lush tropical gardens. Besides the 200+ large guest rooms and suites there are also a large number of residential condos available for rent giving vacation renter access to the wide variety of activities such, relaxing massage, zip line, atv tours and others, as well as amenities of the resort. The resort is located next to a full-service marina and its famous Ted Robinson designed, championship golf course.

 Fishing  Los Suenos Costa Rica

Whether you are a pro angler or a leisure angler and been to many locations around the globe to test your sportfishing skills, if you have never been to Los Suenos Marina in Costa Rica then you have missed the #1 fishing hot spot in the Americas!

Note: Los Suenos is actually spelt Los Sueños and pronounced Los Suen-yos

The Los Suenos Marina is tucked away in a small bay called Herradura (Horseshoe) Bay on the Central Pacific coast of Costa Rica and is about a one hour drive from Juan Santamaria International Airport. The Los Suenos Marina is recognized as the Fishing Capital of Costa Rica.

This is where the famous “Los Suenos Signature Billfishing Tournament” part of the “Triple Crown” consistently has world record breaking release numbers.

Fishing Los Suenos Costa Rica you have the opportunity to catch a variety of big game fish year-round, for both in-shore and off-shore sport fishing. Deep sea big marlin ans sailfish are the most sought after game fish by anglers, after that tuna and dorado (mahi-mahi) and for inshore the savage Roosterfish is the number one target along with grouper and snapper. Wahoo cruise both in-shoer and off0shore feeding grounds so you always have a chance at these hard hitting monsters.

Take a look at the guide below for specific fish and best time to hook them up.

Marlin – The Apex Predator, this is the fish most revered by all anglers as the Sport Fishing King because of its endurance, power, size and tenacity. From Los Suenos Marina the best time of the year to hook into this prize fish is during the months of December through April.

Sailfish – The Airtime King, because of its stunning speed and incredible acrobatic jumps, this trophy predator makes every sportfishing bucket list. The sailfish is recognized as fastest fish in the ocean reaching speeds in excess of 68mph (110km/h). Fishing out of Los Suenos, the sailfish is plentiful all year especially during the months of December through March.

Yellow Fin Tuna – Considered to be the fastest and strongest of the game tunas, this predator is a favorite among sportfishing anglers for its speed and strength. Yellow fin tuna are common during the months of January through June but the most can be had during spring and early summer out of Los Suenos.

Roosterfish – The Roosterfish is one of the most recognized fish for its long spines of the dorsal fin. The Roosterfish looks are matched by a super aggressive attitude and is a very exciting catch for any angler. Charters out of Los Suenos Marina catch Roosterfish all year round but are more abundant during November up until March.

Dorado (Mahi-Mahi or Dolphin Fish) – Dorado are known for their sudden bursts of speed that can reach 50mph accompanied by high jumps, as well it has reputation as one of the best tasting game fish making this species a favorite with anglers. Los Suenos fishing charters hook into large numbers of Dorado from late May through November which is the rain season in Costa Rica (heaviest rains generally come in October).

Snapper – The Red snapper is a inshore predator found in rocky areas with depths from 59 to 180 feet. These hard fighting, shallow water game fish are great fun on light tackle, and are caught by working the holes and shelves. The months from July to December are the best times to hunt for these fish out of Los Suenos.

Wahoo – These cruisers are solo predators and are torpedo fast that can deliver a crushing strike and set your reel smoking with their powerful runs. It’s always a surprise when one these bad boys hammer your bait, making them a favorite of many anglers. With Los Suenos fishing charters the best time of the year to battle these rockets is July through August.

Los Suenos Fishing Charters

As one of the best marinas in Costa Rica, you’ll have plenty of fishing boat charters to select from. Your choices range from 20ft smaller boats up to fully loaded luxury boats to 40ft and up. The question is how to do you choose the right boat and captain? Obviously if you are an experienced offshore angler, you’ll have some knowledge of boat types and tackle, etc, but if you are not experienced in Costa Rica, your success on the high seas can be a crap shoot. To increase your odds and get the best experience when you are fishing Los Suenos Costa Rica make sure you do your research.

Larger charters can comfortably handle 6 to 14 anglers depending on the size of the boat. Bigger boats usually have amenities like sleeping quarters, air conditioning unit, TV, radar and echo sounder, lights generator, navigator, radio and open fly bridge.

Mid size charters (4 to 6 persons) generally come with fly reels and custom rods selections, stations for teaser bait switch handling, bathroom with shower, air conditioning, GPS, echo sounder, digital depth sounder, radar and stereo/TV.

Smaller charters can fit 3 to 5 people come and usually come with shaded fishing area, bunks for resting; GPS chart navigator, sounder, bait wells and outriggers.

Los Suenos Fishing Charter Pricing
A little research tell you that Prices for fishing Los Suenos Costa Rica can vary quite a bit, a general rule of thumb is half day cruises can start around $700 and go up to $2400, while full day cruises ranges from $1100 and may go as high as $3,000 depending on the boat, number of persons and rig. Take a look at some Los Suenos Fishing Charters.

Best to get Advice from an Expert When Choosing a Los Suenos Sportfishing Package

Even though it’s a pretty good bet you are going to hookup when fishing Los Suenos Costa Rica, talking directly to the boat owner/captain is only recommended if you know what you are doing and are familiar with Costa Rica and the various charter options, boat, tack and waters. Your general travel tour operators are not qualified enough, and are going to sell you the on what they have in their limited inventory of choices and/or the highest priced boat they can book you on, which may or may not be the best charter choice for you.

You best bet is get advice from a qualified expert that has Cost Rica fishing charter experience and knows all the boat, boats types, and captains. An expert will put you on the right boat for the right price and this will dramatically improve your angling saltwater experience and increase your odds of landing the big trophy fish.

For more information on Los Suenos Fishing Charters talk to the experts, give us a call, we’ll hook you up!

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