Professional and leisure anglers from around the world have long known that fishing in Costa Rica yield monster trophy fish especially in the Central Pacific. This region that is considered to be one of the very bests fishery’s on the Pacific. The Central Pacific fishery starts from Los Suenos Marina and runs south to below Quepos.
Quepos has long been considered to be one of the best Costa Rica fishing areas. This Central Pacific beach town attracts sportfishing enthusiasts year round for its excellent offshore and inshore fishing opportunities.

The cold water up-well off the coastal continental shelf bring with it a plethora of feeder and game fish and the nutrient rich outflows from mangroves and rivers along this stretch of coast provides even more feeding opportunities for big game fish.

“Quepos fishing is hands down, one of the most exciting areas for sportfishing along the Central American Pacific coast.” Dan Ross

Quepos Marina Pez Vela – Sportfishing Services at its Finest

Quepos – Manuel Antonio was already one of the most visited areas in all Central America before investing in a new state-of-the-art sportfishing marina. Quepos is only 7 kilometers from the famous Manual Antonio National Park is a major tourist attraction offering a once in a lifetime nature experience as well as providing all the modern and luxury amenities, perfect spot for sportfishing enthusiasts visiting this spectacular area.

The amenities available include everything from banks, restaurants, gift shops, bars, medical and dental clinics, hospital, supermarkets, and a vast number of choices in hotels, eco-lodges, resorts as well as budget accommodations.

Since 2008 there have been a number of changes to Quepos such as the replacement of two bridges that were serious traffic bottle necks, a new coastal highway from San Jose, reducing the driving time down by an hour, several new parks, including a pedestrian waterfront walkway, and of course and also the opening of the new “Quepos Marina Pez Vela” which officially launched in January 2014.

The Quepos Marina Pez Vela has 100 wet slips, 40 Dry Rack spots available with even further expansion plans to make it the largest marina in Costa Rica.

Quepos already had a renowned reputation as one of the best sailfish destinations in Latin America, but then the Quepos hosted the 2013 Offshore World Championship held in 2013, where new records were set with 811 sailfish, and nine blue marlin – the region began attracting even more sportfishing lovers, catching the attention of the entire sportfishing world. The next Offshore World Championship takes place from April 12th until 17th 2015.

The new Quepos marina has also attracted a large number of new boats and captain to the region, and coupled with the already fully developed tourist service industry, the regions stellar fishing reputation, and plans to further expand the marina capacity, Quepos has become the place to drop anchor.

What You’ll be Catching on Your Quepos Fishing Charter

Apart from the large numbers of sailfish around the Quepos area, inshore fishing as well as mangrove fishing draws many anglers with variety of tastes. South of the Manuel Antonio national park near a group of rocky islands there is are many submerged high spots that yield a variety of inshore species especially some amazing Roosterfish.

Roosterfish is definitely one of the most popular options. Most anglers tend to hook roosterfish weighing between 25 and 50 lbs. However, our captains are hooking people up with roosterfish weighing as much as a massive 75 lbs.
Apart from being a great Roosterfish location, Quepos also has abundant Red Snapper, and Mackerel. Mangroves in the Quepos region are great place to hook into nice snook and pargo.

Off shore Billfish in Quepos

Of course the number one trophy fish anywhere on the Central Pacific is Marlin. If you are looking for a challenge you simply cannot pass up the opportunity to hook one of these Mac Daddy’s. You will enjoy an incredible battle that will test your strength and endurance against the aggression, power and speed of blue, black and striped Marlin.

The other big draw of the Quepos fishery is the acrobatic sailfish, they are plentiful, big and defiantly high flyers.

Quepos Fishing Packages

There are many Quepos fishing packages to choose from, from half day and full day inshore and offshore packages, combination packages, for the serious angler. Deluxe packages can include accommodation, Private Transportation in Manuel Antonio and all the area as well as packages that cover more than one region.

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