The word is out… fishing the Sea Mount off Costa Rica’s Central Pacific is the Mega Show of all fishing trips!!! If you are a sportfishing noob… or a Master of Deep Sea Fishing, Sea Mount fishing in Costa Rica is the one fishing trip you will NEVER forget! Raising 20 or 30 marlin, and landing 15 in a single day is the norm – yes, no exaggeration, the norm!

Costa Rica’s Sea Mount fishing has been well known to deep sea fishing professionals for many years, and now it becoming known as the place to experience fighting ocean predators for anybody.

Approximately 85 miles off of Costa Rica’s Central Pacific coast, deep-sea cold water rushes up the continental slope into a chain of subsurface mountains, and ridges that form the Costa Rica Sea Mount fishery. Rich in small marine life, it’s like the ultimate food court for ocean predators like Blue Marlin and Sailfish, as well a host of other pelagic ocean fish.

Costa Rica Sea Mont Fishing has Incredible Action for Blue Marlin

For Blue Marlin the Costa Rica Sea Mount off the coast of Quepos is amazing anytime of the year on the seamounts but between April and October it is absolutely EPIC! On any given day your charter can have 15 to 20 Blue Marlin strikes and on special days more than 40 to 50… and on EPIC days there are reputable reports that of having hooked into over 80 in one single day! Captain Dan Ross, a 17 year veteran in Costa Rica fishing, recently reported one of his charters hit over 50 and released 28 in a single day.

In recent years, the sea mounts of Costa Rica have seen a number of sport fishing experts anchoring submerged FADs (Fish Attracting Devices) to further enhance the regions fishing prospects. With the areas natural rich upwelling and abundant bait and a concentration of baby yellow fin tuna, the numbers predators that feed on them are simple amazing. While charter captains have been fishing these waters for decades, over the past couple years, this area has proven to be one of the absolute best fisheries for blue marlin fishing on the planet – truly “World Class”.

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