Costa Rica means “Rich Coast” so it is not surprising that Costa Rica is recognized as one of the world’s top destination for deep sea and coastal sport fishing. Fishing in Costa Rica especially for big marlin and sailfish is on every leisure and professional anglers bucket list for good reason.

In both the Pacific and the Caribbean you can hunt for big Sailfish, Black and Blue Marlin as well as roosterfish, wahoo, corvina, makerel, grouper and snapper. The Caribbean Sea is most famous for tarpon and snook on flies and light tackle, especially around river mouths.

While spectacular deep sea fishing in Costa Rica is well known, not many people are aware Costa Rica offers incredible fresh water fishing for jaguar guapote, mojarra, and Costa Rica’s version of the piranha—the machaca. Further, several of Costa Rica’s high mountain streams offer excellent light tackle wet and dry fly casting for trout.

Salt Water Fishing from Los Suenos

The bill fish out of the Los Suenos Marina in Costa Rica are world class. Blue, black and striped marlin are the main staple of Los Suenos charter boats but they are allway on the lookout for the plentiful wahoo, yellow fin and blue fin tuna, and dorado (mahi-mahi) that cruise these calms waters. The in-shore charters Wahoo, rooster fish, snapper, and grouper are always successful in this region around the reefs, rocks and islands.

Costa Rica fishing charters run from $600 for half day and up depending on the size of the boat, number of fishermen and location. Full day boat charters start at around $800 to over $4,500 for the high end boats.

The Costa Rica Panga is small (15 to 22 foot) outboard boat, some with a center consoles that are also available from many beaches and run between $150 and $400. If you are not afraid of a little bit of a rough ride, many of these charters produce great in-shore results for fish like grouper, rooster and snapper.

Costa Rica Shore Fishing

Shore is not as popular as deep sea fishing charters but productive for Pacific snook, jacks, corvina, and Spanish mackerel. The most popular is bouncing white jigs along the bottom near river mouths for snook.

Freshwater Fishing in Costa Rica

Jungle river fishing in Costa Rica produces world class tarpon and snook fishing which continue to attract anglers from around the world. You will also hook into rainbow bass (guapote), bluegill, alligator gar and machaca in the rivers of Barra del Colorado and other rivers on Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast. The river Caño Negro delivers great angling for rainbow bass, tarpon, garfish, guapote, and machacas.

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