Los Suenos Marina Sport Fishing – Before the sun is breaking over the coastal mountain ridges at Los Suenos Marina, the docks are buzzing with activity. Crew members are swabbing the decks, prepping the rigs and tack, getting the bait wells topped up, re-spooling as well as loading in the food, ice, and drinks for the clients. The clients are arriving by the van loads, all with an extra-large coffee in-hand.

The excitement is on the rise as all the crew members between the boats joke and jibe one another and share yesterday’s hook-ups and release stats, each trying to top the other. It’s a guy’s dream atmosphere, you instantly start to think about diving into the lifestyle, and many do!

The groups of arriving clients are ready to go and boat crews are as excited as the clients about the prospects for the day. The clients are searching for their fishing charter boats, itching to get out and get their first strike. This time of year, mid-February, Costa Rica’s mid-summer point, is one of the best times to take a fishing charter from Los Suenos. The marlin and sailfish are in full feed mode, the weather is perfect, the waters out of Los Suenos Marina are calm and at the perfect temperature for deep sea fishing.

To give an idea of the spectacular fishing out of Los Suenos Marina, the first leg of the Los Suenos Signature Triple Crown Billfish Tournament just finished in the last week of January 2017, with 785 sailfish and 212 marlin released for a total of 997 billfish in three days of fishing, by 50 teams. With these kinds of numbers it’s easy to see why Los Suenos is ranked as one of the best places in the world for sportfishing big billfish!

Los Suenos Marina Sport Fishing is Attracting New Charter Start-ups

Sport fishing is up there with hunting as of man’s primal drive, add to that Costa Rica’s attractive Central Pacific tropical lifestyle and you have a perfect recipe to draw not only sport fishing tourists but new sportfishing charter startups as well.

Costa Rica’s tourism continues to rise every year and recent tourism statistic reports show that sport fishing accounts for over $400 million USD annually with more than 250,000 sportfishing anglers visiting every year. Further, the sports fishing tourism industry in Costa Rica generates approximately 60,000 jobs for the country. Los Suenos Marina sport fishing is hands down the #1 place to play and work.

Because this is seen as such a growth industry, Los Suenos sees its fair share of new boats breaking into the charter business and with the new marina in Quepos Costa Rica, only an hour south of Los Suenos, the Central Pacific sport fishing industry is expected to grow even more rapidly over the next decade.

Whether you are looking to break into the charter boat business end of the industry or are considering a visit to Costa Rica to catch some billfish (and many other species), or if you are a seasoned sport fishing vet or just have to scratch a sailfish and/or marlin off your bucket-list, give us a call. We have over 18 years booking sportfishing charters in Costa Rica on both the Pacific and Caribbean sides of Costa Rica, not only that our founder Dan Ross has had 42 years as a register charter boat captain, leading fishing expeditions from the wilds of Alaska all the way into South America. Give us a call, we will hook you up!

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