October is the slowest month for tourism and the rainiest month of the wet season in Costa Rica. This time of year Fishing charters out of Los Suenos work on repairs and improvements to their boats for the upcoming high season. This year Los Suenos fishing charters out on the waters during this rain season typically drop off but all in all it has been a pretty good rain season for those venturing out on the high seas.

The weather is hardest factor to deal with Costa Rica fishing during October. The fish are there but sporatic and quick changing weather can affect plans as there are so many days with rain. Rain blocks RADAR from seeing surface targets (like birds), so these heavier rain days are obviously less reliable days for results.

Rain season, especially October and beginning of November can see excessive runoff from rivers and streams pushing logs and debris out into the open waters making travel difficult for fishing charters. Visible debris is one thing but the real worry this time of year is submerged debris. With that said this same debris act as a natural fishing FAD attracting many big game fish such as like smaller yellowfins tuna, as well as marlin, sails and dorado in search of hiding feeder fish.

Los Suenos Fishing Report for this End-rain Season

Reported out of Los Suenos the number of sailfish was low throughout October, but the sailfish numbers will be going up throughout November and as usual be good for December and spectacular by January mid-month.

Marlin fishing was hit and miss throughout October but everyone is expecting a better run in November.

Yellowfin Tuna catches was actually very good according to most report out of Los Suenos. The yellow fins are traveling in smaller groups but the hits have been steady.

Dorado hits typically pick up in September but have been somewhat slow so far this season.

Inshore fishing has been reported has being good throughout October with a nice mix of roosterfish, snappers, mackerel and amberjacks. Inshore is expected to stay healthy in the coming months.

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