Famous for its world class tournaments like the Los Suenos Triple Crown and the Offshore World Championship, Costa Rica is the number 1 sportfishing destination for sailfish and marlin fishing in western hemisphere. These tournaments like the Triple Crown have broken multiple deep sea fishing records and has featured in all the top sportfishing magazines, adventure shows including ESPN. At the heart of sport fishing in Costa Rica Marlin Fishing Los Suenos is simple spectacular and is considered by many sportfishing professionals to be the best place in the world to book a fishing adventure vacation.

Over the past few years, large numbers of private and fishing charter boats have been traveling to the offshore seamounts off the Central Pacific coast (either from Quepos or Los Suenos Marina) to raise incredible numbers of massive blue marlin as well as sailfish and other deep sea big game fish. The region also offers fantastic in-shore fishing such as Rooster which pound for pound is one of the best battle fish in the ocean.

The area of the Central to South Pacific is certainly consider the hottest region to book a sportfishing charter The region area spans from just north of Jacó and the Los Suenos marina down to Golfito, including the Osa Peninsula where after Los Suenos marlin fishing there have been more world records caught than any other part of the country.

Best Times of the Year for Marlin Fishing Los Suenos

During the months of December–April, it is all about sailfish but the marlin fishing is sporadic. This is the time of year that captains report double-digit sailfish releases and you will see all the records are broken during the tournaments held at this. At this time the seas are relatively calm and the great weather coupled with incredible offshore fishing make these months good time to book a Los Suenos fishing charter.

From June to August the region is inundated with all the big game species. This is also the time of year when the tuna traditionally show up, and with that, this is also the best time for marlin fishing Los Suenos as these beasts are showing up here in large numbers. There are sailfish still hitting hard and fast, as well as plenty of mahi-mahi for the BBQ. This time of year is when many captains will be hunting in-shore for roosterfish, snapper, grouper, and other reef-dwelling favorites.

In September and October, the rain slows things slow down for both offshore and in-shore fishing, and there are fewer charters available, with many captains working on maintaining and upgrading their boats

The transitional months of May and November in general offer very good fishing in any part of Costa Rica.

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