sea-mount-costa-rica-marlinWhen it comes to sport fishing, especially sport fishing in Costa Rica, we have all heard the term “world class”, and by all definition Costa Rica fishing is certainly one of the best deep sea fishing destination on the planet, but the term is so over used in the charter fishing arena it’s an essentially empty catch phrase.  However, there is one region off the coast of Costa Rica’s Central Pacific that where the term is understated – Costa Rica Sea Mount!

If you looking to book a sport fishing charter in Costa Rica you need to fish the sea mounts off of Quepos. Here you will very quickly realize what that term really means. Dan Ross, a 17+ year veteran fishing in Costa Rica has had spectacular success. Dan’s captains released over 700 Blue Marlin on the Costa Rica sea mounts over a period of 200 days in 2015, and that does not include the hundreds of others that were hooked and raised!

Costa Rica Sea Mount Fishing: An Amazing New Sport Fishing Destination

The area of sea mounts, 85 to 150 miles southwest of Quepos, is one of the most productive blue marlin fisheries in the world.  Over the past couple years the number of private sport fishing charter boats with the range make the daily trips have increased significantly – opening an essentially new and previously unknown fishing destination to the world.

Costa Rica sea mounts fishing charters offer single day and now many offer three and in some cases four day sea mount fishing expeditions. The typical sea mount trip consists of two-twelve hour days of fishing and traveling to and from the sea mounts at night.

There are a number of rig and troll strategies to employ to start hooking into some big Blue Marlin  but many times once the charter fishing boat reaches the seamounts they will generally begin trolling a spread of dredges, teasers, and lure groups (four) at about 8 to 10 knots. Once live bait is caught, there is usually a switch over to live bait rigs.

A marlins violent strike while live baiting marlin is an incredible adrenaline rush. But lures or live bait, the action is incredible on the sea mounts of Costa Rica and not uncommon to release up to 30+ marlin daily.  Sea mount fishing is just one aspect of the incredible year round fishing here in Costa Rica. To find out what “world class” fishing really means, Costa Rica’s Central Pacific is the place to be.

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